Best Home Coffee Roasters 2019

If you’re like us, take your coffee pretty seriously. The right beans, the right coffee grinder, the right cup – these things are important if you are in love with liquid bliss. But one possible improvement for your brew that you might not have considered is buying a coffee roaster and roasting your own coffee beans at home.

Behmor Plus Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster

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You’ve probably admired the drum roaster and the amazing smells of your favorite java joint. And while you could certainly build your own, you can keep things tidier and relatively small by taking this tumbling wonder of Behmor home.

Roughly the size of a small microwave, this machine is a bit larger than less expensive coffee roasters.

In exchange, however, it lets you roast 1 lb.

(454 g)Coffee beans in a single batch. If you cook and drink a lot of coffee every week, this model saves you time and effort. It has built-in smoke suppression technology, five different roast cycles and a light that allows you to observe your beans as they turn brown.

FreshRoast SR500 Automatic Coffee Bean Roaster

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Are you short on space, but still want to roast coffee at home?

Make some space on your counter for the FreshRoast SR500. It has a small footprint but great features, including a variable speed fan and three different temperature settings.

This model will roast 4 oz. (90 g) of coffee in a single batch. That’s 21 cups of coffee, give or take, so you can still invite a few friends over without worrying about having to store a bunch of extra coffee. Add in simple controls and easy-to-clean components, and you’ve got a coffee roaster that’s a perfect fit for smaller coffee creation stations.

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

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As with sports, a good cup of coffee can make you feel energized and refreshed. So why not combine coffee roasting with a modest workout for the best of both worlds? The Nuvo Eco Ceramic handy coffee roaster needs two things to produce delicious roasted beans: fire and your willingness to interrupt a movement while roasting.

This manual coffee roaster holds up to 2.5 oz. (70 g) of beans per batch over an open flame. You won’t be roasting for a crowd, but the uniquely textured “waffle” interior and cha-cha roasting moves means you’ll have a blast while you’re prepping your morning brew. If you’re into functional art and are brewing for one or two on the daily, you might just fall in love with this one.

Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper

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We know what you think. “Do you want me to roast my coffee, where?” Stay strong, friend. You can create clouds of fluffy white popcorn, but Air Poppers like the Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper can roast your coffee beans just as well.

In fact, the “popper method” has devoted fans wherever popcorn and coffee collide. This method of roasting coffee does require more attention to detail and safety than others. You’ll want to roast outside, for example, and only roast 4 oz. (90 g) of beans in a single batch. But this model’s built-in vents, relative affordability compared to professional coffee roasters, and automated chaff removal (it gets sent to the bowl) make it an appealing choice if you’re on a budget or new to roasting.

Hario Retro Coffee Roaster

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Good coffee is art. And if you want to feel like a craftsman, you can gently turn this retro-style roaster over an open alcohol flame and watch your coffee beans roast. The soft hum of Mumford & Sons songs is optional, but is recommended.

Holding just 1.8 oz. (50 g) of beans per batch, this Japanese coffee roaster emphasizes patience, artistry, and small-batch craftsmanship. Its unique design makes it something of a conversation piece as well. If you want every cup you brew to be not just a beverage but an experience, this one’s for you.

Nesco 481825PR Stainless Steel Roaster Oven

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With this giant by Nesco, you can leverage the power of professional coffee roasters without the professional price tag. It rocks 1425 watts and can hold up to 18 liters (17 l) so it can make your Thanksgiving turkey as crispy as it roasts your coffee beans. It can stand strong heat – up to 232 ° C – so you can tinker with your roasting recipes in an endless manner while you strive for the perfect cup of coffee.

This model has a large footprint and needs plenty of room on the counter. With its moderate price tag and powerful, flexible roasting options, it’s a good choice if you’re roasting a lot of coffee frequently and want some leeway in the quantity and qualities of your roasted beans.