Best Coffee Mug Warmers Reviews

Whether it’s the cool weather or you’re a kind of coffee drinker who likes to sip slowly on his cup of Java to enjoy it all, you can easily drink a lukewarm coffee before you’re done drinking.

No matter how hot you prepare your coffee, it can still be cold. But with the best coffee mug warmer, you can make sure it stays hot enough for you to finish drinking.

Coffee mug warmer are simply flat plate heaters that are designed to maintain the temperature of a coffee mug for several hours. Depending on the model, they can either be connected to a wall outlet or to a USB port, and some are battery-powered, making them ideal for use in vehicles as well.

Mr. Coffee MWBLKPDQ-RB  Top Pick Overall

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Mr. Coffee makes this high quality coffee mug warmer for coffee lovers looking for a convenient and affordable heat for their coffee.

It comes with a longer 66-inch cord and an easy to wipe surface for easier maintenance and also has an indicator light on the on/off switch for even more convenience.

Even better, because of its small size, it’s easy to stow and take anywhere, so you can always keep your coffee warm no matter where you are.

And although the bottom seems to get a little too hot, this should be an easy problem to work around by placing it over a heat resistant mat or cover on the desk or counter.

Norpro 5569 Best for Larger Coffee Mugs

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The larger plate is one of the key elements that make the Norpro 5569 an excellent cup warmer, as it ensures it can hold your larger cups. However, this is also one of the best coffee cup warmers for desks and on the go, thanks to its compact size.

When compared to other items on our list, the Norpro 5569 has a relatively larger 3.75-inch heating plate which makes it great for those that use larger coffee mugs. Besides the larger size, the plate is also made with a nonstick material to make clean up a breeze as you can easily wipe it clean.

Also, this is a more powerful 24-watt mug warmer designed to ensure more efficient heating. It also includes a 60-inch long cord that should be long enough for most users and nice neon light on the on/off switch for indicating the status of the warmer.

While the switch is a little too far down the cord, you should still be able to reach it comfortably provided you have the cord in an open area.

Vobaga VOB-10-1 Lightweight and Portable

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Safety is at the heart of this coffee mug warmer because unlike many others in its class, it has an automatic shut-off feature. Aside from safety, it has also been designed for ease of use, as it is very easy to use and has a lightweight and portable design.

Coffee lovers looking for a convenient and easy-to-use coffee mug warmer will love this 20-watt unit because besides providing simple touch control, it also allows them to choose from 3 temperature settings.

The mug warmer comes with a decent size 60.5-inch cord length and is also designed with safety in mind as it has an auto shut off function. Better yet, the warmer has non-skid feet to keep it in place and despite being mostly plastic, it is also quite durable.

This coffee mug warmer makes some loud beeps which can be quite annoying but on the positive side is that they will alert you on the status of the appliance and once you get used to them you will hardly even notice them.

Home-X SH902 Sleek, Low-Profile Mug Warmer

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Thanks to the sleek and profiled design of the Home-X SH902, you can carry and use it almost anywhere. And it’s also generally a simple cup warmer that can be used with a conveniently located on / off switch that also contains a bright on-light.

While this 17-watt mug warmer might not be the most powerful on our list, it is still powerful enough to keep your cup of Java hot and will also provide a decent size 3.5-inch plate.

With this mug warmer, ease of use is also guaranteed by the convenient on/off switch location while the bright power light makes it easy to tell when the appliance is on.

Its 40-inch cord might also be the shortest on our list but should still be good enough for typical home and office environments

Disney DMP-16  Larger and More Powerful

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Disney DMP-16 is a more powerful 30-watt coffee mug warmer that also comes with a larger plate size to accommodate larger mugs.

With this 30-watt coffee mug you’ll have more than enough power to keep your coffee and other drinks hot like soups for many hours. And it also comes with the larger 3.75-inch plate, which ensures it can accommodate even larger cups and bowls.

This Disney mug warmer also has a sleek-look and comes with a longer 66-inch cord for an extra reach and will be ideal for use both in the office and at home.

Many users will love the illuminated Mickey power light which besides looking cool also allows you to know when the warmer is on for safety.

When compared to other options on our list this is a relatively pricier mug warmer, but you can be certain that it will give you value for every buck.

Cosori Coffee Warmer  Top Quality Stainless Steel Warmer

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While many factors make this Cosori coffee warmer fantastic, adjustable temperature is one of the most important factors. It’s our best coffee cup warmer with temperature control and ensures that you bring your coffee to your preferred temperature.

Besides being one of the best stainless steel coffee mug warmers out there, this 24-watt warmer also comes with a nice LCD and is super easy to operate. And despite the better build quality, it is still quite fairly priced when compared to others on our reviews.

The mug warmer has a 3.55-inch plate that provides enough room to accommodate typical mug sizes, and the 60-inch cord should also work well whether you are at home or the office. And the compact size ensures that it will hardly take up any significant space.

Price is the only notable shortcoming with this coffee mug warmer but this is only so when compared to others on our list because for a stainless steel model it is still decently priced.